Happy National Estate Planning Week!

Finally, something good to celebrate!  This week is National Estate Planning Week and we are celebrating all our clients who have so thoughtfully planned for their loved ones.

  • They have appointed guardians and provided trusts for their minor children in case something happens to them.
  • Others have protected their ranches, rental property and businesses allowing for peace of mind for themselves and their families.
  • Still others have created legacy trusts to pass wealth, pay educational expenses and impact other values important to them on to their descendants.
  • Many of our clients have had their young adult (children) in to introduce them to our team of attorneys and to the concept of planning ahead by helping them sign powers of attorney – just in case.

All of them have spent hours planning, considering the best avenues, techniques, tools and planning for themselves and their families and have taken the challenges of COVID and meeting in stride.  We have signed documents in garages, in our parking lot, at dining room tables and via ZOOM.  We have all endured temperature taking, 6 foot social distancing and technical glitches of virtual meetings and laughed.  Estate Planning is a practice that allows us to be there for you and your family and we take the responsibility very seriously.  We appreciate all of our clients, those that have been clients for 20+ years and those who became clients last week!  It is never too late to begin asset protection planning and planning for the seamless transition of your estate.  Our attorneys are ready to assist you accomplish your goals.  You can begin by taking advantage of our complimentary initial meeting by clicking here.

Happy National Estate Planning Week! Stay safe and well!

Your friends at Thrash, Carroll & Vanway Law Group