Danielle Taylor joined the Thrash Carroll and Vanway Law Group June 1st. She’s bringing her love of business law to the team and already making an impact with her ability to guide Lakeway companies and consult with them through important business matters.

Danielle is a Lakeway resident and active in the community. She and her husband, Jay are members of The Hills of Lakeway. She serves as Vice Chair for the City of Lakeway Board of Ethics that recently passed a new version of the ethics code, one that is easier for the community members to understand and follow.

Since the onset of Danielle’s career, she’s always looked for ways to use her skills for the benefit of the community. Prior to attending law school she worked for advocacy groups and the Texas Legislature. She was a regular speaker at healthcare conferences, presenting on a number of special interest topics for non-profit groups.

“I never get tired of answering legal questions I get from my friends. Call it strange, but I’m someone that has loved the law from a very young age. It’s like a giant puzzle that I enjoy working with.”

Perhaps Danielle’s passion developed because, at age 4, her father began attending Law School at Baylor University.

Danielle says, “I can remember sitting next to my dad at the kitchen table with a handful of highlighters and pens. He was doing his homework, and I was doing a version of homework, mainly coloring with highlighters. Then he’d read me a bedtime story from one of his study books. Tales of property and constitutional law put me right to sleep!”

Danielle attended Baylor University School of Law in her father’s footsteps. But not before spending 6 years traveling and working, which provided valuable experience she used to excel through Law School. She won numerous scholarly and advocacy awards while attending Baylor Law and graduated with High Honors.

Danielle began her legal career as a commercial litigator in downtown Austin, focusing primarily on complex business and workplace disputes. As a litigator, she represented large multinational companies as well as local businesses and business owners in disputes ranging from simple breach of contracts and dissolutions to complex derivative proceedings and collective actions.

She brings her experience to Thrash Carroll & Vanway Law Group where she hopes to help Lake Travis area companies avoid unnecessary legal fees and problems through the thoughtful drafting of company documents and sound legal counsel.

Her favorite part about her work as an attorney is being able to help people through tough situations.

“It’s humbling whenever I see how grateful people are after we’ve worked together. I feel very connected to the people I serve, and they become more than just a clients. These genuine relationships and the real impact I can make, that’s why I’m inspired to work hard for them every day.”

Danielle and Jay have a sweet rescued dog named Piglet. Jay works for Dimensional Fund Advisors. When they’re not in the office, they enjoy playing golf, spending time on the lake, and watching sports together—rugby being Danielle’s favorite.

Reach Danielle at Thrash, Carroll & Vanway Law Group. (512) 263-5400.