Today, in a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court of the United States held that it is a violation of federal law for a state to ban marriages or to refuse to recognize marriages between same sex couples.  This is a giant step toward equal rights for couples and families throughout the nation, but particularly Texas.

Texas is a state that has never shown much inclination to allow same sex couples the right to marry — nor have its laws ever acknowledged same sex marriages performed in other states.

After today’s ruling, several Texas counties began issuing marriage licenses, and the courthouse in Travis County was certainly a place of celebration:

Congratulations to anyone whose partnership or union may now be recognized in the eyes of state law.  Don’t forget to meet with your estate planning attorney if you decide to tie the knot — this is certainly a “life event” necessitating updates to your documents.  More on that stuff in a later post — for now, cheers!