A revocable trust is more than a way to avoid probate during your death. During your life, you may also use a revocable trust to protect and maintain your privacy. Once you create a revocable trust and choose a name for it (which does not need to include your name), you can then transfer title to your homestead or other real estate to your trust. This transfer will make it more difficult to locate you and your property through online websites like the Central Appraisal District.

Privacy can be a great advantage for those who wish to remain as “off the grid” as possible. Whether you are of high net worth and wish to keep the value of your property(ies) out of the public eye, or whether you have other reasons for making your address difficult to find, a revocable trust may be a great option for you to accomplish this with minimal effort.

If you are concerned about your privacy or the privacy of your family, talk to an estate planning attorney about the advantages of creating a revocable trust.

– Thrash Law Firm