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More About Probate Administration Services

Oftentimes, when a loved one passes away, the only way to transfer ownership of their assets is through the legal process of probate administration. However, depending on your situation, there may be legal hazards you have to navigate in order to get the authority you need to make the transfers you desire. We can help guide you through whatever probate process you need, and answer any questions you have about the settling of your loved one’s estate.

Texas has several types of probate proceedings, which are different in the time required and expense. The probate procedure a client needs will depend upon the nature of the decedent’s assets, whether the decedent has a valid Texas will, and the total dollar value of the assets they owned. The most common processes are independent administration, dependent administration, determination of heirship (“intestacy”), muniment of title, small estate administration, and affidavit of heirship.  

At TCV we understand that each situation is unique, which is why we tailor our services to our client’s needs and circumstances. Whether your loved one had a will or not, we can ensure that the probate administration process will be as stress-free as possible.  We have decades of experience — over 135 years combined — and we are here to support your family. So wherever you are in the probate administration process, reach out to our team and find reliable advice and guidance.  Also, know that probate administration may be avoidable if your assets are managed appropriately before you pass. We can help you with that too. (link to estate planning)

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