Unique Families

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Unique Families

Each family is unique.

Estate planning cannot be done as a “one size” fits all or online and hope that the planning serves your needs and protects your family. The world changes and people change. However, some families face greater challenges than others. Some families are more complex and unique than others. Mental and emotional illnesses, special needs, “Brady bunch” blended families with his, mine, and our children and responsibilities, LGBTQ families, multi-spouse families, adult children who boomerang, transitioning and gender identity changes and issues, lost children, Alzheimer's and other debilitating conditions, all create unique planning challenges that require experience, empathy, and understanding in order to plan for them or around them.

We also help families who need assistance passing on “legacy” property (ex., the family ranch) or wealth through to the following generations.

With several attorneys who have over 40 years of experience each, we can help you plan for your or your family’s uniqueness.